Club C.A.R.S.O.N  Values


CLub C.A.R.S.O.N.’s Diversity and Values are constants with Integrity, Commitment, and Excellence in Bridging The Gap between our youth and the seniors. Such values keep us focused while we serve various ethnic groups within the South Bay area and neighboring communities.

For example, when we begin to help and treat one another with respect, only then can we appreciate and recognize the differences among us.  In this regard such diversity of thought and opinion help to foster teamwork, respect, dignity and partnership as a unit.

Club C.A.R.S.O.N. firmly believes that diversity helps to strengthen our community by promoting innovation and creativity to ensure a strong, healthy environment. It follows that our organization prohibits any discrimination based on race, color, gender, age, disability, or religion.

Diversity ensures that each group has the opportunity to influence societal norms through organic and cultural contributions that are both innovative and constructive for building strong, viable relationships.

Club C.A.R.S.O.N. encourages you to join us in an effort to make our communities better and safer places to live because we care.

We thank you for your support and acknowledgment of our core values as guiding principles that allow the communities we serve to prosper as we grow.


Vergie Seymore                                                        President/CEO